Hi I'm back and it's been ages and I apologise for the readers who do view my blog .

This year has been the most eventful, most amazing  and busiest year of my entire life . I've been flying to places including Belgium, Croatia , Denmark and Sweden. I've also been in London 80% of the time collaborating with talented creatives and networking for the makeup Mastered program which I am currently enrolled on whilst working at my job ! I was lucky enough to perform  makeup and shoot in Croatia where I was personally mentored by the photographic producer of Another Mans magazine and meet amazing creatives from all over the world ! It was so empowering flying by myself and the whole trip was a total success. It made me confident enough to travel to Denmark by myself and then Sweden! This year my life has DRAMATICALLY changed and so have I. 

Although my career and status has suddenly blown up in the past 6 months my mental health has not been stable . I think it was a mixture of too much pressure too quick, family health issues and having to jump to one place to another and feeling like I had to yes to every opportunity even if It was mentally exhausting me . It was a massive change for me, a normal 23 year old girl from a small quiet northern town where nothing really happens to then expected to complete brief modules for I-D Magazine and collaborating with other creatives from all over ,to get known and published .If I read this this time last year I'd probably be so surprised to where I've got to and I'd probably tell myself to get a grip and enjoy the experience . Honestly it's a lot more then what it seems.

“She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.”
Beau Taplin

A month ago I had very bizarre week ! I was so anxious and I really couldn't understand what was wrong with me .The voice in my head would say  ''this industry is too hard for me '', '' if I don't jump on a coach ( trains are too expensive for me ) to a event or a good opportunity no one will hire me '' , '' This is too overwhelming for me I can't handle this ''. Which i know is so ridiculous because there are people out there who have it worse yet I was stuck in this horrible anxious mind frame. I remember this one particular day so clearly , I was in London one day and I was so miserable and couldn't work out what was wrong with me .My phone was on 10% so I went to Starbucks to charge my phone and grabbed a iced tea.  There was a magazine left on the table in front of me so I picked it up and starting browsing the pages and my eyes instantly glued on one particular page .I can't even remember the name of the magazine but i read a article which basically explained that our health,mentally and physically, is the most important thing and that we should look after it regardless of what happens .It made me realise that we should never neglect ourselves and in my situation i should listen to my body and not over work myself and to not stress myself. I neglected my diet, my passion and my mental health and now them aspects are the only important things to me . It's made me realise that health, as well as love, is the most important thing in the world , more important then materialistic things, career status and money. 

I'm excited for the rest of the year and I'm going to take things more steady, not stress and not try and be perfect , but to  just enjoy the journey and accept if things don't go to plan because everything happens for a reason. You are exactly where you need to be right now. 

I want to revamp my blog and put it to a more deeper level. Yes I love makeup but I don't want it to be just that.  As I've been busy the past year and lost passion for the content I was creating I want my blog to be more me.  Yes I will be posting makeup, but I also want to post other content too!


As I am a makeup artist, you would expect me to wear perfectly blended eyeshadow, wear wispy false eyelashes, wear highlighter to blind 'haters' daily 24/7 but I really only do that for special occasions. Over the past year, I have really grown to really accept myself and I actually prefer myself with less makeup and focussing on enhancing my key features, not hiding them. In my teenage years, I was SO insecure with how I looked and by that, I'd hide my eyes with gallons of black eyeliner and try and hide my face in backcombed messy hair. I question why I did this; looking back at photos I cringe so bad. I cringe more at how I thought I didn't look good enough, where now I've really grown to like how I look. That doesn't make me vain at all, which I'm not and never have been,  It just bites backs at media continuously telling us all that we aren't good enough. Media teaches us that we aren't good enough and if someone casually mentions they love themselves or happy with how they look, they are instantly portrayed as 'vain' or 'up themselves', which is really not the point! We should ALL reach that day where we are happy and content with ourselves.You are going to be in your body for the rest of your entire life so you might as well be on the journey to accept yourself and your flaws.

For an everyday look I like to keep it really subtle and quick as I don't have much time anymore! These products are what I generally use daily for the past few months <3!

MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER-  I have been using this concealer for the past few months on any imperfections and to brighten and conceal my under eye dark circles! It has amazing medium to high coverage; it covers dark circles, scars, blemishes, veins redness and pretty much anything you throw at it. It does the job and is very long lasting, however one little down side it the glass bottle; I am always scared to drop it and for to smash! Never the less, it is something I highly recommend for you to try out.

LANCOME TEINT IDOLE ULTRA CUSHION FOUNDATION AND LANCOME CUSHION BLUSH SUBTIL CREAM BLUSHER- I have been using this foundation and blusher for the past few months religiously! I wrote a blog post about these babies a few months ago, read about it HERE

MAC FIX+ SPRAY -I can't recommend this product enough! It makes such a different to your make-up look! I use this not for my makeup to last ,but to mould it all together right at the end. Sometimes when you use foundation, contour, bronzer, blusher and highlighter on the skin it can look quite patchy but my using this spray it blends it all together for you and gives you a nice dewy complexion! It is really good for prepping the skin too by applying it before your foundation and concealer.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY FILMSTAR BRONZE AND GLOW -Oh my gosh this has SERIOUSLY changed my life.Although is on the pricey side, it completely sculpts, highlight and perfects my face in a few sweeps! I wrote a blog post all about a while back HERE ! To be honestly it's totally worth the money I paid.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS DIP BROW-  I bought this ages ago and I still have a lot left as a little goes a long way! I apply this to my brows with an angled brush! It is amazing for adding fullness to my brows and to outline the brow's silhouette. Less is truly more with this, otherwise the formula can look too cakey or waxy on the brows. It lasts all day and it definitely the answer to your perfect brow dreams!

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL LUCIOUS MASCARA- Seriously if you have not tried this then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN GURL? I've moved over from my £20 Benefit They're Real mascara to this which is half the price and achieves volumised, dramatic eyelashes which is everything I expect in a mascara! Maybellines Lash Sensational range are the best mascaras I have ever used hands down<3.

EYELASH CURLERS-  I don't even know where I bought these curlers but I think they should be in any girls/guys make-up kit! As Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury would say ''They are like a push up bra for the lashes''.

MAC PIGMENT IN 'VANILLA'-  I use this for everything whether that's for highlighter,inner corners, eyeshadow base etc. I love to use this in the inner corners of my eyes to really open them up and to make my eyes look brighter! The colour 'Vanilla' is a very popular shade I feel.

RIMMEL LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK IN 'CORAL IN GOLD' This is a beautiful coral subtle lip colour which suits my olive complexion so much! I receive so many compliments wearing this lipstick a lot of people saying It looks very radiant! I feel like this will suit most skin tones!

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